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Our goal is to support the non-profit and charitable organizations that work at the grassroots level in Vancouver’s North Shore. There are so many groups that are working to make our community a better, healthier, stronger place to live that don’t get all the funding they need to achieve their operating goals.

At the meeting, if your nomination is drawn, you will be asked to make a short presentation about the charity that you nominated.

If you are nominating a charity, come prepared to present a 3 - 5 minute case for support. Below are some talking points you might want to incorporate into your presentation:

  1. State your name and the name of the organization you would like to receive the funding.

  2. Start with an engaging opening line, e.g., “75 women in our community are involved in adomestic violence dispute every month...”

  3. Share the mission of the organization.

  4. Describe the program that you would like to be funded. Provide some background information, if possible.

  5. Identify how many people and who the funds will impact.

  6. Explain how essential this program is and what our community will miss if this program does not get funded.

  7. Explain the measurements that will be used to ensure the success of this program and good use of the donation.

  8. Share what this donation will “buy” for our community. 

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