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To nominate a charity, please complete the attached nomination form and email it to us at least 2 - 3 weeks ahead of the next meeting.  We will no longer accept nominations the night of the meeting, as we need time to vet the charities and ensure you are voting for a legitimate and sustainable organization.

Remember the criteria for nomination:

  • In order to nominate a charity, you must be a member in good standing (no outstanding fees).


And the nominated charity must:

  • be based in the Vancouver area, preferably on the North Shore, but must at least serve the the North Shore community.

  • be a registered charity, qualified to issue tax receipts.

  • have been established for at least one year.

  • must not have received support from us in the past two years.

100 Women Who Care generally supports local grassroots charities, rather than larger charitable organizations.

If you'd like to learn about local charities to nominate, check out these sites.  They are by no means all-encompassing, but will get you started thinking about the organizations serving the North Shore:

  Revenue Canada Charity Site (Based in North Vancouver) (download then refine your search)

  Revenue Canada Charity Site (Based in West Vancouver) (download then refine your search)

  West Vancouver Foundation Supported Charities (download)

  CHIMP (then refine your search from here)

  Canada Helps (then refine your search from here)

  City of North Vancouver Community Agencies 

  North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit Organizations 

  North Shore Environmental and Climate Change Charities and Non-Profits     Revised March 2021 (download)

  Soroptimist Club of North and West Vancouver

Should your charity be chosen at the next meeting, be prepared to speak for 3 - 5 minutes about your nominated charity.  

Here are some tips on talking about your organization.

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